Dylan’s Experience in TVET

In my time participating in the Multimedia TVET course, I have enjoyed the first half of the year I have spent at Wollongbar TAFE. Despite struggling with anxiety, I believe that this has been a valuable experience for myself and I am looking forward to completing the rest of the course over the next 4 terms or so here.

First, we opened Blender and we brought in a reference image, then we blocked out the base shape of the drawing using the plane mesh with the extrude tool and mirror modifier. Then we used the indent tool to make the windows on the front and sides of the car before making the wheels with cylinder meshes and the indent and extrude tool with tubes created with the extrude tool to connect the wheels to the car. after that, we used a rectangle mesh with planes to make the spoiler using the navigator tools to edit the shape of the meshes. we finally added color and a background with lighting before submitting our work to Sketchfab.