Shane’s Experience with animation

I have been doing the digital media course since I started Year 11 at Ballina High School.

I have made lots of cool animations with different programs like ‘Flash’ and ‘Blender’.

3D Animation

In 3D animation I have made a couple of animations and some standing still images, I created these in ‘Blender’.

One of the things that I made is a walking ginger bread man that I named ‘Bob’. I started by doing his face. I used a plane mesh. I made a button by using a cube mesh. I then made two more buttons. Then I made the body by using different mesh tools.

Another creation was making bones by using the bone tool. I had to get the bones connected to each other to make it look like they were moving. After that I made a light to shine on Bob, so we could see him. Then I rendered the whole thing which took a long time, it had to render 1 frame at a time and this was very slow.

Then I made a chess piece which was challenging because I had to duplicate sections of the pawn to make it look the same. I then extended sections to make the base of the pawn, I did this in ‘edit mode’.

I made a Rubik Cube, it was pretty simple. I made blocks on top of blocks. It took nine blocks. The next step was to colour the blocks. The colours were green, red and dark pink.

Rubix Cube

I made an axe using the skills we learnt. I had to make lots of straight lines to create the sharp bits of the axe then made the handle by using a duplication method. Next I had to shine a light on the axe.

I also made a wine glass which used the duplicating method in ‘Blender’. To make the wine glass I used a circle mesh. I duplicated the glass to make it stretch out to the right length. Then made it look like a wine glass by making a really small glass handle then duplicated it to make the wine glass stand.

The last 3D object I did was an exploding shark! I had to make a shark with a shiny body, head and fin.

2D Animation

I also made 2D animations. I used ‘Flash’ to do these. In ‘Flash’ we used frames and layers to create these animations.

I made fish that swim in the sea. I created some seaweed by using the drawing / pencil tool in ‘Flash’.

I also made a 10 second movie. When making the movie we had to firstly create a step by step storyboard. Followed by collecting images from ‘Google Images’ to create a background.

Then I made the characters by using line drawings from ‘Google Images’.

I made the colours for the line drawings by using ‘Photoshop’ to colour fill the images.

Then I put the characters in to ‘Flash’ as a layer. Using the animation tools I could make the characters move. Then I put them into the scene, in the correct frame to start the animation.



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