Zachary’s TVET Experience

My name is Zachary Boyd and I’m from Kadina High Campus. I started TAFE in Year 11.

My experience has been one filled with a few tough spots that have needed more experienced hands to deal with and many laughs.

When I started I was a bit scared that I would do something wrong, but that quickly began to change, animating has become one of my favorite things to experience. i find the Core topics a bit tedious, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do i suppose.

Coming back at the start of year 12 things began to get serious (but not too serious). We began with a core topic. But eventually we moved on to developing websites. Again we moved onto another core topic. Then moving back to my favorite thing: ANIMATING! instead of basic animation we moved into animating a basic game: my dream.

my experience here has been fun I hope that it gets even better from here.