Students. Who are we?


Students in this course design animations in 2D and 3D and we even make websites. Websites can be from scratch (nothing) and we have used the website platform ‘WordPress’ to create this site. Both the teachers and students love what we do! We start coming to TAFE in Year 11. At first, it was a bit confusing and scary but with support from the teachers who taught us the basics of animation, it became easier and less confusing. We began to understand how digital media works and became familiar with different programs like ‘Flash’ and ‘Blender’. Students became comfortable with creating animations at TAFE and at home in their own time.

Q:What schools do we come from?

A:We come from different schools, some people have to travel for 10 minutes maximum and others have to travel over an hour

Q:What age are you people?

A:The students are between the ages of 17-18 years and the teachers, you can ask them yourself

Q:Whats your favorite part of the course?

A:Well its different for each student, one kid likes making video games, a couple of us like making animations and websites like this one

Q:Do you think anyone can do this course?

A:Yes, any student in Year 11 / 12,  any race of person, any size, straight or gay and everything in between